My latest artwork

Ok…it took me so long to get this beeeping blog site going that I’m now too tired to write anything, so I’m just going to post my latest artwork which I did for halloween. Enjoy!


6 responses to “My latest artwork

  1. ahhhh a self portrait 🙂

  2. Greetings, MRSJG.

    I’ve been going crazy here at work with a relocation, but just had a chance to visit your blog for the first time.

    Love the picture. You’re talented.

    ps. I’m glad you weren’t in the way of the Tornado that just ripped through Indiana.

  3. TY polisci. That tornado was awful, and the funny thing is when I woke up that morning my hubby asked if I heard the storm that night and I hadn’t. Then I turn on the tv and it’s all over the news. It’s a good thing it didn’t hit here or I would have woke up in a tree, because I would have slept right through it…LOL According to the news we have more Storms going through later that could possibly produce tornados…geez!

  4. the daughter from heaven.

    Yea thats right. My mother did that pic isnt she talented. Sometimes me and her sit down and draw together. Yes I am the smart daughter not thaat fool in the pic who is trying to act like her roll model.^_^.–>

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