Concerts Suck!

Last night my husband and I took our kids to a B5 concert. They’re kind of like the next Jackson Five. Well it has been a good fifteen years since I have been to a concert and the whole experience was soooo different to me. Or maybe it’s just the way I see things now as I’m getting ah….. more mature. There was screaming, and pushing, and chaos everywhere. The place kind of reminded me of “lord of the flies”. This all took place at a new outdoor shopping mall that is just opening up. So my husband and I thought we would go find a little coffee shop and take a break…not! Can you believe a shopping mall with NO coffee shop??? Then there was the whole rounding everyone up thing when the concert was over. Oh well we survived anyway and all the way home we listened to the kids relive the concert. There was talk of being shoved by people’s butts, struggles for the front stage positions, how many times a band member waved at them. Yep it reminded me of when my sister and I used to go to concerts and actually enjoy them.


3 responses to “Concerts Suck!

  1. Oh yes, the screaming, shoving, biting and hairpulling. And that was just to get to the concession stand. lol The good ol’ days.

  2. Daughter from heaven

    Hey I reject that that concert was awsome you are just to um…Mature to see that.^_^

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