Practical Jokes Wanted!

I’m in need of a good prank or practical joke to pull on Someone. I’ve pulled a lot of them myself in the past, but I thought a little input might make for a better outcome. I think one of the funniest pranks I ever pulled was on my mother. I was eight and a half months pregnant and she was always real paranoid about me going into labor. So one day when she was visiting and we were in my kitchen I got a very wet sponge and held it behind my back. While we were standing there talking I started moaning and said my stomach hurt, then I squeezed the sponge and the water hit the floor. The look on her face was priceless…she thought my water had broke. I think I was paid back for that one though?

So go ahead….I want to hear about all of the great practical jokes you people have pulled.


8 responses to “Practical Jokes Wanted!

  1. You wench,you don’t need any more ideas.

  2. I saw a good one on tv last night…if your victim’s kitchen sink has one of those sprayer thingies mounted to the right of the faucet. Get some black electrical tape and tape the switch down (in the “on” position). Aim carefully as you place the sprayer back in its holder. Just imagine the fun!

    : )

  3. If she tries that one on me when I visit next month she’s dead! lol

  4. Hey thanks for the prank…that’s a good one hehehe.

  5. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Spammers are a pimple on the ass of society.

  7. Takes one to know one…hehehe

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