Well there has been no excitment around here this week, it has been eerily quiet. I keep waiting for something to happen…everytime the phone rings I think “well there it is the bad news I’ve been awaiting all week” only to find out it is a salesman or my husband calling because he needs me to do something for him. I shouldn’t complain because of the quiet, hell most people would die for a little bit of quiet. Not me…I know when you get this much quiet something bad is heading your way. I think it’s a commandment, or a law, or something. I am driving myself mad thinking about it…What will it be?…When will it happen?…Who will it happen to?



  1. lol quit being paranoid!

  2. HA…I think growing up with you made me that way. You sneaky Wench!

  3. 135 ears! this is scary…Someone there has only one ear!

    (AP)_Federal prosecutors say a Tuscaloosa man pleaded guilty yesterday to a nine-count indictment that included charges of crossing state lines to have sex with minors and possession and interstate transportation of pornographic images of children.
    37-year-old Joseph Reuben Dickey also admitted producing child pornography before Federal Judge Inge Johnson.

    He was arrested in July and was indicted in August.

    Dickey will be sentenced February 14th. He faces up to 135 ears in prison and possible fines of up to $2.2 million.

  4. Hey, remember, when something does happen just give them the pickle.

  5. Oh gawd not the pickle thing again! LOL

  6. I think someone on my site needs a pickle lol.

  7. can you say utter and freakish paranoyia! do you happen to take medication for this? if you dont you need to, trust me i’m a nurse. oh, and that dude that anonymous was writing about is of no relation to me!

  8. Okay whitefoxx consider yourself pickled! LOL

  9. I got a pickle today… with my deli sandwich. 🙂

  10. Ok what the heck is a freakin pickle as far as I know it is a green vegitable that you put on a sandwitch and there is nothing funny about that. So what do all ya mean when you say pickle.

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