I had a situation arise at work last night and after my previous post on customer service I thought I would ask your opinion. Here’s the story:

While processing film I cut my finger(bird finger), and in the process of taking care of said finger I got behind on my duties. Well when a customer comes in and has to wait because their pictures aren’t ready, do I SHOW them the finger or not? I believe it is good customer service to explain to them why their pics are a little late. My co-worker was very amused by the whole situation and would only giggle hysterically when I asked her opinion. So I want to hear from you, what’s your thoughts…Do I show em the finger? Or do I just shut up and give em the pickle, I mean pictures?


6 responses to “GIVE THEM THE FINGER?

  1. Fly it high, fly it proud. 🙂

  2. Give them the finger.
    The stupid customers don’t deserve pickles.
    Besides, you flipped me off during our recent EEGAD adventure.

  3. I flip HER off…everytime I come on her site I flip her off/salute her. lol

  4. Don’t make me bring the finger out of retirement!!

  5. The daughter from heaven.

    Knowing how long you work a day. And how mad you get at work and how the customers are always rude. Birdy time.^_^.

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