Well the votes are in on the (Skeleton) art contest that I had entered in November, and I placed 16th out of 74. The artwork I entered is shown at the bottom of this page. Not a bad placing, but not great either.

Now I have to do something for the next contest entitled “food fight”. The artwork has to be about food or have food as its main focus. So I thought I would consult the blog people and get some ideas…then I’ll post the piece here after I finish it. So let’s hear your suggestions on where I should go with this next piece.

Don’t even say it Angry-D!


13 responses to “ARTWORK UPDATE

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  2. I have an idea for the food fight pic. Have a piece of asparagus and a slice of cheesecake with boxing gloves on duking it out lol.

  3. You could always do someone trying to get kethcup out of a bottle and someone else getting it on the front of their shirt.

  4. Or someone tripping making their food spill all over this big mean, popular kid. Heh.

  5. How about a talking pickle?

  6. An Andy Warhol-style turkey centerfold!

  7. alright wench, where are you???

  8. testing…



    Is this thing on?

  9. Just wanted to say Congrats on 16 of 74. You should be proud. Keep up the good work, I’m sure you’ll only do better.
    The skeleton was great!

  10. the daughter from heaven.

    Hey tess you are a dork. How did you get a pic of your self on here. Show mewhen you guys come down for chrisymad.k.

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