Here lately I’ve seen more a$$ than a proctologist! Do people realize that when film is developed somebody has to view it!?! People get a grip…is it really necessary to have your a$$ in print? One of these days when they come to pick up their film I’m gonna say “could you bend over so I can make a positive ID”. People’s backsides aren’t the only things that have made it to my viewing screen, and I’ll leave those things to your imaginations. Anyway people please think twice before taking your next picture…your mothers friend could be developing that roll!!!

Man I can hardly wait for the round of film coming after New Years Eve…I’ll probably go blind!


8 responses to “THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!

  1. Hahaha! Looks like a phone call is in order to hear about the other stuff! I’ll turn on my cell phone.

  2. I’m a little late chiming in on the customer service stuff, but yeah – some customers decide they’re going to be a__holes before they ever walk in the door, and NOTHING will placate them. Even if you give them exactly what they want, you just know they’re STILL going to walk away b*tching to everyone they see about how awful your business is! To blatantly steal from DL: “Don’t get me started. You know how I get!”

    I used to be a bank teller, and although you have to stare at pictures of nether-regions, I’ve had to endure story after story of people’s nether-regions! One customer came to my window one day about 15 minutes before closing time and proceeded to give me intimate details about her bout with diarrhea that day and that it took her all day to be able to leave the house long enough to come to the bank. And when I say intimate details, I mean going way beyond the normal TMI! lol Did I need to know that to process her deposit? (or did I care?) NO!

    I swear, bank tellers are just bartenders in disguise.

    BTW – whenever I had a particularly nasty customer, I would take a deep breath (even if it was in front of the next customer, who was usually sympathetic), and take comfort in the fact that that nasty person’s entire day was going to be sh*t, because they had chosen to be an a__hole. I didn’t have to make the same choice, and knowing they had to live with themselves being angry all the time usually made me laugh – a very wicked laugh, true, but it still always cheered me up. Well, that….and picturing their head exploding as they stormed away…..Sometimes all of this is easier said than done, but I got better at it with practice. >:-)~

    And definitely fly the finger! At least you CARE enough to want to give them a reason why their stuff is late. A lot of folks in your place wouldn’t give a rip…..

  3. Holy crap! This is like the worst urban legend come true.

    People really do look at your pictures when they develop them!

    So it’s not automatic through a machine…..thank God I never had the stones to take any questionable pictures or make any revelations on film.
    Don’t these goofballs know, this is what digital cameras are for. Just upload them to your computer, and put them out all over the world wide web, instead.
    Why limit your humiliation to just a few people seeing your pictures, when you can display your wares to the millions en masse?
    Good grief!

  4. My girlfriend and I used to take uhm, artistic pictures doing uhm, intimate things.
    I figured the person developing them was lucky to see us.

  5. Were you wearing a cupcake? LOL

  6. Hey, yes, that was me.
    So you were the person who developed those pictures, huh?
    I bet you were impressed, huh?

  7. the daughter from heaven.

    I would feel embarresd to have some one else see my buns. I feel sorry for every one who has know limite to stupidity.^_^–>

  8. dad called from his cell phone, no?

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