My oldest daughter doing homework for her career development class!
After she’s finished her homework she has snack time!

After her snack she has playtime with the neighbor kids.

What a good kid…What more could a mother ask for?


7 responses to “SHE DOES HER MOMMA PROUD…NOT!!!

  1. …and after playtime she was mad at mommy for posting these pics. LOLOL!

  2. lol…that’s what she gets for acting like a fool.

  3. Oh I see I am not good enough for you to talk about with your freinds mommy dearest. I think you know who this

  4. This is hilarious
    I am sure you will be glad I showed these to some people she personally knows
    I had a good laugh

  5. Yes and I was one of

  6. hahaha!!! lets all have a good laugh at my expense!!!

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