Dragon is GREAT!

Oh yes, Dragonlady is so great! She is the best sister anyone could ever ask for. I was so mean to her when we were young and she totally did NOT deserve it. I was such a brat! She is also stunningly beautiful and witty too. I wish I was cool like her. In closing I would like to say, I love you dragon, you’re my hero!
Sincerely, Mrs. Goldbloom


21 responses to “Dragon is GREAT!

  1. Thank you MRSJG for that admission. IT made me weep.

  2. If I ever say anything like that about my brother, just shoot me.

  3. Ah, what a sweet thing to say! It’s so sweet to see such a sisterly display of affection on the Advent of Christmas holidays! God Bless us every one!

  4. uhh guys…looks who wrote the post. lol

  5. You still haven’t answered my question, O Winged One.

  6. LOL…I didn’t have to do anything because I wrote the post, pretending to be her. I had forgotten I was a contributor until this afternoon, and since she doesn’t update regularly I thought I’d spice things up a bit as a joke. But she never showed up.

  7. You should have said something! I’d have come over here and really poured on the snake oil!

  8. That would have been funny…had she actually shown up. She’s such a wench! Okay guys, pack it up, we’re going home. Nothing to see here.
    ::walks away, lowers head and wipes nose on sleeve::

  9. Oh DL you freakin HAG!!! I cannot believe you abused the system in such a heinous way. Oh wait I can believe it, because you are a ruthless freakin HAG!!! The whole story is a lie…A LIE I TELL YOU!!!

  10. Go ahead,get it all out. Admitting it is the first step you know?

  11. That is one of the BEST practical jokes I’ve seen in a long time…funny, but I thought MRSJG would have thought of it first, no offense Dragon. That cracked me up.

  12. P.S. Why do I feel a sense of repercussion and vengeance which might ensue? (SHUDDER).

  13. Michelle…you are very smart! My sister is indeed the more devious of the two of us. I just happened to think of it first.
    Unfortunately she will probably get me back now, as I am heading toward Indiana today. 🙂 And to that I say, bring it on sista.

  14. May the force be with you, Dragon…and MRSJG? It WAS kind of funny and clever, so don’t give Dragon too much of a hard time, OK? May you both have Happy Holidays!!!

  15. I just hope there is video evidence of the meeting. There are sites on the internet that pay good money for videos of women beating the crap out of each other.

  16. I’d pay to see that! I can see it now; “The Dragon vs Goldbloom” LIVE on Pay-Per-View.

    It’d be great hotel room fare.

  17. I won. 🙂 hehehe

  18. Dragon, hope you settle on a good price before you sell the knock-em-sock-em version to ESPN…Uncle Fester might have something there.

  19. Okay, but I want top billing lol.

  20. NO WAY…I would get top billing!

  21. Happy New Year wench!!

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