Okay…It’s that time of year again when I start to think about my resolutions for the coming year. I really have a good feeling about this years list…hehehe!

1. I promise to quit smoking…even if it takes me the rest of my life to do it!

2. I vow to exercise less, too much exercise can really aggravate your muscles.

3. I will YELL at my kids more…darned kids these days can’t have too much discipline.

4.I promise to watch more television…for educational purposes. heh heh!

5. I promise to stop procrastinating…No wait I’ll do that one next year.

6.  I promise to stop eaating so much junnnk foodddddddddd…D*mn it! I goot kriiispe Krreme all ovver mmmy keyboards and my keeeeys areee stiiiiiiicking!

7. I will only drink pure alcohol…none of that non pure stuff for me anymore.

8. I vow to stop spending so much money at the store. I’ll start using plastic instead…for the economy you know!?!

9. I will stop reading so much to protect my eyes!

10.Last, but not least…I will show my husband more respect. :::grits teeth::: “D*mn it Jose…What did I tell you about interrupting me when I’M BUSY!!”


15 responses to “MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!!!

  1. You forgot the part about worshipping me and bringing me small furry animals as a sacrifice.

  2. I wish you luck on all your resolutions.
    Lucky for me I don’t need any resolutions, I’m perfect just the way I am.

  3. Nice list but #10 needs work!

    I was going to ask AD if he wanted a second opinion but I’m afraid he’d go all Howard Dean on me.

    Anyway, Dragon, would you settle for some general genuflecting in your direction and we deep-fry the little critters for lunch instead?

  4. Dragon says you’ve got my aviator helmet, MRSJG.

    Cough it up or I’ll start visiting here regularly.

  5. Helmet…I aint seen no stinking helmet. :::has hands behind back:::

    Ok…Ok..Dragon made me take it. She threatened to torch my behind if I didn’t hide it for her. Here take it, and now I have to go make sure I’m insured against fire damage.

  6. It has teeth marks and the inside fur is scorched.

    Just what were y’all doing with it?

  7. I think Dragon tried to eat it, but you didn’t hear that from me.

  8. It was too chewy lol.

  9. It should be, it was made from cat.

  10. Anyone got a toothpick?

  11. LOVE your resolutions! We should all be so ambitious and selfless.

  12. Thanks Michelle…I really try :::sniff sniff::: and it is so hard sometimes.

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