Well with February fast approaching it’s time to start thinking “Birthday Parties”. Two of my four children have birthdays in February and that means two Parties within one week of each other. :::pulls hair and has an anguished look on face::: I can’t have the joint birthday party like I’ve done in years past because of the age difference… My son will be turning 10 and my daughter is going to be 15. So now I have to come up with two party plans and coordinate two parties, and order two cakes, etc., etc., etc.. I thought about doing a laser tag b-day for my son. The local laser tag arena even has a stretch hummer that picks you up and brings you back home, but my husband wouldn’t take out a second mortgage to do that one. I looked into the “swim with the dolphins” b-day party for my daughter, but they don’t offer that until after February!! I’ve been thinking so much about this that my brain has went on strike and refuses to function on any level. So could you please help me out? Any Birthday ideas? I know you’re a creative bunch and can surely think of something…..Anything?!?! Oh for Gawd’s sake…Please someone help me out here!!!


18 responses to “BIRTHDAY PARTY BLUES…

  1. I’ve got an idea where you can still have just one cake and one party… it’s called…. the costume party!! tada!! Have a cake made that has a mardi gras (sp?) mask on it and then have everyone dress up how they want.
    Am I a genius or what? … Don’t answer that.

  2. Speaking of dressing up, did you know that I saved that pic of you in zombie makeup. I just know there has to be a special purpose for that pic! LOL

  3. Figure out how much you want to spend and give the birthday boy and girl a budget- or let them just take the cash.
    Or there’s always a state park. How abou this one:
    Pokagon State Park is located near Angola off I-69. Natural lakes abound in this area and the park borders on Lake James and Snow Lake which offer abundant opportunities for boating, swimming and fishing.

    What a thrill! That’s what you’ll say once you’ve experienced the quarter mile toboggan track at speeds of 35-40 miles per hour! The toboggan operates weekends from the Friday after Thanksgiving through February, with extended holiday hours. The toboggan is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
    Park fee is $5 per car.
    I think the toboggan is like $10 an hour rental per person.


  5. Hey annonymous…what was that web address again?


  7. Paintball springs to mind (for your 10-year old)–heh.

  8. I think the Zombie pic should go in the book you guys might collaborate on…lol. Actually, maybe it should be a cover shot.

  9. I hope we’re talking about the pirate zombie

  10. Nope. I meant the ones you just posted of you, Tess, and your older daughter. Captures the moment SO perfectly.

  11. Well I think you ought to head over to and take a look…mmmwwhahaha!

  12. I think you should let me…. O I mean your girl to um go to the mall with a bunch of friends and give her some money to shop then soem extra cash to buy lunch for every one. (7-8 people) and then bring her and her friends home to injoy a good ol’ movie like lets see home alone.(the scary one not the stupid old christmas one)How about that.^_^.

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