Okay the other morning I was sipping my coffee and trying to wake up when my 9 year old son spouted out something that will haunt me for months. Here’s how the conversation went:

Son: OH GREAT…my private’s standing up again!

Me: :::mouth and eyes wide open::: OH…okay. :::wipes up coffee that spilled on sofa:::

Son: It always does this in the morning…and it hurts.

Me: It hurts???

Son: Yes….and it stands up when I’m in love or something cracks me up too!

Me: Really, oh I think I hear your Dad calling I’ll be right back. :::runs upstairs in horror to get husbands help:::

Now I must live with the horrible memory of this conversation until some new trauma comes along to takes its place. Oh well…such is parenthood!


7 responses to “A PRIVATE CONVERSATION?!?!

  1. I’m soooo glad I had girls!

  2. Wait, what is this??? You put up TWO posts in the same WEEK?? OMG, let me check outside and see if hell has frozen over.

  3. Hey Dragon, I just heard they are having snowball fights in hell. Just FYI. LOL.

  4. Ohhh, let me go get my mittens! hehe

  5. OMG.That was so funny when you told me it the first time and when I read it on here well you know you were ther.lmbo.Laugh my butt off that is wat that means.^_^.

  6. Ah, one of the joys of being male: discovering the utility of loose pants.

  7. That’s it I’m buying him smaller pants!!

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