Ok I’m going to start something new on my site (desperate attempt to boost traffic). Every week I’m going to pose a new question to you (my loyal readers :::cough:::). The questions will be about different dilemmas we all face at sometime or other in our lives. Then you can answer them and at the same time you could be helping someone who is at turmoil over said question. So okay here goes this weeks question….

If you notice that someone of the opposite sex has failed to zip their pants…do you tell them? If so how would you go about it?


25 responses to “QUESTION OF THE WEEK…

  1. Nope, I wouldn’t tell them. I’d just sit back and enjoy the show. 🙂

  2. Ha ha. Me too. That’s just a little too personal to have to tell someone. If it was my boyfriend, probably, my boss no way!

  3. DL, MICHELLE!!!…..You pervs. 🙂

  4. Hey, I just ordered two zombie chronicles t-shirts…woot! And I added a link on the side. I can’t wait to wear mine to schoolz. 🙂

  5. OH JEEBUS!!!…like I’ve got time for this.

  6. I told u i was gonna answer it!! newayz, i’d point, laugh, then tell. especially if theres a lot of people around, thats always fun

  7. Nikki I can’t believe you could be so cruel…And here I thought you were a kind and sweet individual.

  8. I would tell them. I would say “Flys cause deseases so keep yours closed.:

  9. Oh Emokat you’re such a witty child. Now don’t you have some homework to do?

  10. Nope hahaha I was sick friday remember.*sticks tongue out* nanananana na. IF YOU COME TO MY SITE I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE MISSREBAL O WAIT nvm I love you momy.NOT.dope I am just gonna go now.I will see you at home o look there you are.^_^.

  11. *sigh*

    Another well-written comment posted by our future English major…

  12. ^_^. Yep thats me ^_^.

  13. No.

    Who am I to deprive them of a little excitement?

  14. I like Fester’s response. 🙂 Right on, dude! Hey, I noticed YOU didn’t get to pervert status. Huh.

  15. LOL. Okay Michelle if it will make you feel better…Fester you perv!

  16. I’ve pondered this question for several days and have come to a conclusion. I would simply walk up to the person and say “excuse me, but the barn door is open and the cow is making a getaway!”.

  17. Thank you MRS. JGB—both for calling Fester a pervert, AND for making me crack up so hard laughing at “The cow is making a getaway.” I will never see cows in quite the same light again…

  18. I am NOT a “perv.” A “perv” is an amateur. I, on the other hand, am a professional and therefore a “pervert.”

    Please get it right next time.

  19. “excuse me, but the barn door is open and the cow is making a getaway!”. – I’m assuming you’re talking about a guy. What if the offender is a girl? What’s escaping then?

    These kinds of questions keep me awake at night.

  20. Fester (a/k/a PerVERT), I’m laughing out loud here and people are looking at me like I have lost my sanity! Hmmmm….actually, that’s not such a bad thing for them to think.

  21. If the offender were a girl you would say “Excuse me but the barn door is open and the sheep is pulling a bo-peep”.

    Okay that’s just sad…:(


  23. cell bands are dead

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