Well I’ve been tagged by dragonlady…Thank you sooo much dear sister! So I had to answer the following questions….why I don’t know I just do what they tell me! I also had to tag 4 other poor non-suspecting suckers….I mean souls. Sorry guys, blame the dragon.

Four jobs I’ve held:
Film developer…As you all know from a couple of my previous posts
Asst. Manager of a large apartment complex
Manager of a video rental store
Asst. Manager of a furniture store

Four movies I can watch over and over:
The Shawshank redemption
Liar Liar

Four places I’ve lived:
Lafayette IN
Indianapolis IN
Los Angeles CA
Washington IN

Four TV shows I love to watch:
Survivor (it’s almost time for the new one WOOT!)
King of Queens
The Bernie Mac show

Four websites I read daily:
The Dragons den
Dickey’s Corner

Four places I have vacationed:
Abaco Island in the Bahamas
Tampa FL
Pidgeon Forge TN
Bowling Green KY

Four favorite foods:
Homemade chicken -N-noodles
Caesar Salad
Homemade yeast dinner rolls

Four places I’d rather be:
Sidney Australia
With Dragonlady…Even though she’s a big hag!
On a Cruise ship
Getting a breast augmentation

Four peeps to tag:
Dickey of Dickey’s corner
Tess the bat


11 responses to “TAG I’M IT

  1. OMG!!!I dont wanna hear my mom talking about breast implant for heavans sake. BRUCE ALMIGHTY IS BETTER THAN ALL THOSE STUPID MOVIES xp. I love you momy.^_^.

  2. another victim of whole language! Someone buy this kid a spell-checker!

  3. ^_^. Sorry I dont really practic my spelling onine I dont have time I have like a billion things going one but at night is when it is calm well some what calm and I can type as slow as I want so yea.^_^

  4. I’m with you, MRS. JGB—can’t wait for the new Survivor!

  5. I use to like that show but then I stopped for some odd reason now I like homewreckers vi-va-la Bam and punked and stuff like that.

  6. I used to watch Punked, but it is not as original as it used to be (but then again, neither is Survivor)…I used to laugh my ass off at that show.

  7. lol. Yea. Punk has changed I no I dont watch it that much I watch home wreckers man I wish I could sick that guy on this one special person right now. And mom I bet you know who this person is she use to be one of my friends but then she started crap.^_^.

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  9. You have so much spam in here.. (

  10. Thanks man, i agree

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