Well my week started out great, I got a few little chores done that I’d been putting off. I even filed my federal taxes, this is the earliest I think I’ve ever done that. Then yesterday evening my husband decided to clean the drain in the kids bathtub. Their tub had been draining slow for a couple of weeks and the girls were complaining about it. After Jose started cleaning the drain, things started going horribly wrong. He was pulling out massive amounts of long hair (I’m having the girls head’s shaved), I”m talking enough hair to donate to “locks of love”. After he pulled out all the hair the tub started draining right. Normally this would be a good thing, except some of the hair went further down the drain and created a clog which caused our main drain to overflow. CRAP!! Well my husband and I stayed up till after 2 o’clock this morning plunging and pouring things down the drain to no avail. We also had a big water mess to clean up from where the drain overflowed. Thank God it was a tiled area! I guess I did learn a few things though, when you mix baking soda and vinegar…STAND BACK! I also learned that swearing doesn’t help a clogged drain one iota. Well today my arms feel like lead weights and I’m totally exhausted. I don’t think I can even muster the strength to dial a plumber. Could someone call Roto-Rooter for me?


8 responses to “DOWN THE DRAIN!

  1. You are not shaving my head. I love my hair. So XP.

  2. Dear God, what has he done now?? lolol
    Doesn’t he know he doesn’t have the butt crack to be a plumber??
    Time to break out Billy Bob.

  3. Dealing with plumbing sucks. BTW, MRS. JGB, you are a goddess if you got your taxes done this early!!! I am SO impressed. Just got my W-2 the other day.

  4. I do mine online with turbo tax…it’s so easy, and they keep your info from the previous year so no entering ss#’s and everything.

  5. HEY HEY HEY hey…hey…hey…this aint no ad ok so keep the ads off turbo tax puh puh…puh…puh…puh…puh…lol^_^.Bye.

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  8. the cell band lost its signal, i didnt get thru

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