Question Of The Week 2

Okay it’s that time again where I pose a question to you, my loyal readers, and you come up with interesting answers to draw traffic to my blog site. After last weeks question I learned just how depraved (dragonlady) some of my (Michelle) readers (Uncle Fester) are. Not that I’m going to point fingers or anything, hey “to each his own” is my motto. So enough of the small talk let’s get on with the question…

What was the most embarrassing thing your child (or any child) has done in public, and how did you handle it?

I can hardly wait to read the responses!


17 responses to “Question Of The Week 2

  1. Tess/the Bat, mooned the entire dining area of McDonald’s one morning.

  2. When my 9 year old son was like 4 I had to take him into the ladies bathroom at McDonalds. When we entered the bathroom it really smelled bad, and he yelled out “man it smells like fish in here”. I was SO embarrassed! I hurried up and got him in a stall so I could silence him…LOL

    I have had so many embarrassing moments with my kids it was hard to settle on one.

  3. I remember taking your kid Jeremy into the restroom with me and he preceded to climb under stalls and say “hello” to people when I was…how shall I say…incapacitated.

  4. Jeremy…he’s just a people person. ROFL

  5. i don’t have a kid. but someone cut my friend off, so i stood halfway up, pulled down my pants, and mooned them. then i mooned a TON of other people as she continued driving. that was my first time doing that. it was friggin exhilirating! u all should try it sometime.

  6. Well if you are my adopted daughter, you’re grounded! 🙂

  7. Well same here I dont have a child so I will just tell you my most embaressing moment. Ok there is this really cute guy at my school. He is my friend to. So we have butt kicking wars. So I ran up behind him then I try to do a fancy jump and kick and well my foot came down and his foot came up and I feel and tumbled. Him along with everyone else started laughing. But then he helped me up but then this kid he was walking with came up and asked me wat I was doin all he saw was the chick flying through the air then falling into the lockers. Man I was so embaressed.

  8. My son, the Wolf Cub, peed on the doctor when he was born. A chip off the old block.

  9. He threw up in the produce section of the grocery store once, too.

  10. Hahaha so funny. One time my friend was over and we were walkin past the bathroom and then my friend looked in the bathroom and saw my 9 year old brother peein wit the door wide open then he did his buisness and walked out of the bathroom while pulling up his pants. I was so embaresse. Why does this stuff happend to me?lol.

  11. Daughter #1 ripped a fierce one while singing in the children’s choir at church once. The Brunette nearly needed CPR.

  12. HA…Man I would have gave anythin to see that.HAHA.^_^.

  13. Fester, that’s classic! LOL

  14. I remember when my oldest daughter was 2 and she was sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office with my husband and I. Someone around us had launced an SBD, and of course she noticed and Said “Phewy who cut the cheese” at the top of her little voice. My husband just kept reading his magazine and I tried to silence her discreetly. 🙂

  15. Daughter #2 was around 2 1/2 when she was in an elevator with The Brunette at the hospital once, next to a lady in a short skirt. She kept saying “Pretty flowers, pretty flowers.” The Brunette was confused until she pointed up the lady’s skirt…


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