It’s Monday…

What a terrible way to end the weekend. Well this past weekend was crazy busy with home improvement project. We snaked the main drain in our house, fixed the toilet in the girls bathroom, installed a cable splitter to make life less chaotic, installed a new kitchen faucet (it’s beautiful man :::weeps:::)to get rid of a pesky leak, and last but not least we returned our over due books to the library. Oh we also had to do a science project with our son for his science fair. Like I said, it was very busy.

We did take time in the evenings to watch some movies we had rented. I was so disappointed with the first movie, “The hunt for Eagle One”. Dragonlady can verify that I love war movies, always have. My husband loves this about me. So I was thrilled that there was what appeared to be a pretty decent new war movie at the video store. Boy was I wrong…It was probably the Worst war movie that I’ve ever seen. The acting sucked, the camera work sucked, and the special effects sucked. My kids do a better war movie when they fight around the house! At least the other two movies were okay, “RedEye” and “The Island”.

Oh and I also polished off a Stephen king book that I picked up at the Library. Now if I could just get my hands on his newest book “cell”…Sorry Dragonlady!


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  1. I brought in the funck

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