The Entertainer?

I was just reminded of something that happened with my oldest son a few months back. I swear my boys are so different from my girls…And I’m not talking just the obvious differences. My son went to a church function along with his grandpa and his cousin. They were all having a grand old time when someone stepped up to the mic and asked if anyone had any special talents that they would like to share. Well of course my son threw his hand in the air and started bouncing around in his seat “pick me ooh ooh pick me”. Well they picked him, what an exciting moment. My son steps up on the stage rolls up his sleeves, and then delicately puts his mouth to his arm and produces the most obnoxious fart noise ever heard! His cousin was so horrified she wanted to hide under her chair. He didn’t stop at just one blast either, he kept going. Of course grandpa was amused by it, and I suppose I should take comfort in the fact that at least he has confidence enough to get on a stage and do that in a room full of people. I do know one thing for sure, I will not enter him in any talent contest. If there are to be any talent shows in his future his father will be taking him.


4 responses to “The Entertainer?

  1. I always knew you were a chicken.

  2. Can’t we enter him in “American Idol?”

  3. The boy’s got talent!

  4. Confucious say “He who farts in church, must sit in own pew”.

    Thats all I could come up with. Sorry.

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