Question Of The Week 3

Okay it’s time again for the question of the week. After last weeks question I learned you should never, ever take children in public!

Let’s pretend someone has offered you a million dollars to do some horrible act. What’s the worst thing you would do for that million dollars?


9 responses to “Question Of The Week 3

  1. I think I’ll recuse myself on this one.

  2. Hag…can’t you be more original! LOL

    Fester…come on don’t be chicken.

    I would roundhouse kick Chuck Norris for 1,000,000 but then I’d probably have spend most of it on medical bills.

  3. I’d spend a couple of nights in the wild. That’s about it. lol

  4. WAIT! I know what I’d do…I’d spend the night in ANY haunted place for a million. 🙂

  5. Sorry, can’t say. This is a family blog.

  6. I second thought, I’d smack Fester lol.

  7. I’d hunt a Dragon for a cool million.

    I get to pick my weapon…

  8. I would kiss my mom for about 1,324,231,432,454 I am not sure I would do it even for that much tho.OOOO.

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