Question Of The Week 4

Have you ever taken public transportation and had a member of the opposite sex act inappropriately toward you? If so what happened and how did you deal with it?


15 responses to “Question Of The Week 4

  1. You asked this question because of me didn’t you?

  2. You should have made it a phonebooth lmao!

  3. Actually I was remembering the time I was in a taxi and they picked up another fare at the adult bookstore. The guy offered me a drink from a flask and I refused. I guess he figured that that gave him the right to put his hand on my leg which I removed, only to have him put it back a few minutes later. I ended up punching the guy in the arm and telling him to leave his $@!&*&% hands off of me. Needless to say the taxi driver got all over the guy and told him that he would pull over and drop him on the side of the road if he bothered me again.

  4. Define “acting inappropriately”

  5. I had a stunning young brunette fall asleep on my shoulder one morning while on the Metro bus headed to work years ago. She drooled on my suit coat between snores.

    Was that “inappropriate behaviour?”

  6. The last time I rode a greyhound I punched some old pervert. Ughhhh

  7. There’s gotta be a story behind that.

  8. Bah Fester, the phonebooth story is much more exciting. lol

  9. Hey Fester, did you embarrass her by saying something to her? Somehow, I can picture you doing that…

  10. Um, I plead the Fifth…

  11. Hey, is this question of the week or question of the year?

  12. I’m beginning to wonder!!

  13. Okay I get the point…now get off my back! LOL

  14. Fester, get out the riding crop.

  15. Oh, yeah! The saddle too? How about the spurs?!

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