Question of the week 5

What is the most memorable dream that you’ve ever had? Have you ever dreamed something that came true?

I can still remember a dream I had as a teenager…I was a giant m&m running down the street yelling “I’m an m&m eat me…eat me!” What was up with that?!? Thank Goodness that dream didn’t come true!


13 responses to “Question of the week 5

  1. what color?

  2. That’s a good one, MRS JGB–I too am curious about which color you were.

    My vivid dream was several years ago when I dreamt that my father was the Evil Bob Barker who was in a wheelchair and we were downstairs in the basement. He was chasing me for some reason, and I finally decapitated him with a machete. Seriously. Oh, and I want to point out that my father, in no way, resembles Bob Barker.

  3. LoL…that’s hilarious Michelle, you decapitated the “evil” Bob Barker. Was he behind door #1?

    Oh and by the way I think I was the red one, but I know what you guys were thinking!!!

  4. I’ve had quite a few dreams come true (MRSJG knows this). It’s kind of hard to pick which one to write about. The rhinocerous in a mailman’s suit that chased me comes to mind.
    Michelle, what can I say about your dream but JEEBUS! lolol Freud would have had a field day with that one.

  5. btw, just for the record, the rhinocerous dream was not one of the ones that came true lol.

  6. I plead the Fifth.

    But it concerned peanut oil.

  7. I KNOW. Has freaked me out to this very day. Maybe I secretly wanted to get rid of Bob? My own dad? Something. Who knows? Oh, and did I fail to mention that he had the Jack Nicholson-playing-The Joker-shit-eating-grin on his face? Yep. Man, I hope I NEVER have that dream again…LOL.

    MRS JGB, I would have pegged you for green, in a heartbeat!

  8. P.S. A rhino in a mailman’s suit? If Freud were alive, I’d make you book an appointment after mine, DL!

  9. Maybe we could get a two for one discount.

  10. I’m all for that… 🙂 We are seriously disturbed, and people should take pity on us, right?

  11. Whatever works for us. lol

  12. Ditto. 😉

  13. Prozac comes to mind…–>

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