Question of the week 6

Okay I was thinking about my pets and I remembered an embarrassing moment involving a retriever that I used to have. We had a guest over and my retriever ran up and started sniffing this guys leg like there was no tomorrow. I was just getting ready to go grab him when to my horror he lifted his leg and did his business, right on the guys leg! Pets can be every bit as embarrassing as children, and sometimes even worse. This same retriever once stuck his nose right up a ladies dress while we were out one day. Needless to say the lady wasn’t amused and I was totally embarrassed. So this leads me to my question of the week.

What was your most embarrassing pet experience?


9 responses to “Question of the week 6

  1. Hey Dragonlady…I bet I know what your most embarrassing pet moment would be!

  2. You WENCH! You know damn well what it was since you’re freakin’ dog did it to ME! Not just in private, noooo, but in front of God and everyone.

    Heads will roll for this one Goldbloom. The gaunlet has been tossed down.

  3. And he did it with style, if I had thought about it I would have held up a sign with the number 10 on it. LOL!

  4. Not only has the gaunlet been tossed but the GAUNTLET has too! ::stomps off::

  5. lol that is no worse than having your cat hump your leg in front of everyone at a party!!

  6. Yes I remember the incident like it happened only yesterday….

    Draon was running acrossed my yard trying to frolic with my retriever when all of a sudden the dog went airborn and hit dragon square in the back with his front paws. This knocked her down face first in the snow, and pinned her arms underneath her. My dog then proceeded to do some dirty dancing with the dragon…LOL! Dragon of course was yelling for help, but I was immobilized by laughter.

    Meanwhile my new neighbors were watching as they moved into their apartment.

  7. Allison…I’ve never seen a cat hump before. A little too much catnip maybe? LOL

  8. So, Dragons can crossbreed with dogs?

    Sounds kinky.

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