In The Ghetto…

OMG, I just found out last night that I live in the GHETTO! LMAO. I was on our Home owners association’s chat site and there is a thread about our neighborhood crime watch. One of the residents from another section of our community referred to a few sections as the ghetto (I live in one of these sections) and he blamed these sections for most of the problems in the area. Of course several people immediately started blasting the guy…We paid over 100,000 for our home and I wouldn’t consider this the ghetto by any stretch. This guy lives in the rich section close to the golf course so I guess to him we are only one step above the homeless.
Anyway in recognition of our new status several of us are considering some new landscaping ideas such as Pink flamingos, and tire gardens in our front yards. Maybe we could even flamingo this guys house at night. Can you imagine his horror when he walks out one morning and has a sea of pink flamingos in his yard? Oh well I’d better get off of here, I’ve got to move the couch to the front yard and clean out my crack pipe…LOL. Maybe there will be a drive-by today!


5 responses to “In The Ghetto…

  1. Don’t forget to put a toilet out there and plant flowers in it. Also, do your gardening in your house dress and slippers.

  2. If I put a toilet out there all the bums might start using it!

  3. You should go pee on the door handles of his car. Thats what I would do.

    Of course, I don’t live in the ghetto, have never lived in the ghetto, and don’t even know where the closest ghetto is…so your idea of retribution may be different than mine.

    But it would still be fun to pee on his door handles…

    You could also Stink Palm him. That is where you stick your hand along your…um…”bum crevice”… and then go shake his hand. That works great too. Plus, it’s fun to think about him wondering why his hand smells like butt.

  4. Lawn Gnomes. Ya gotta have Lawn Gnomes.

  5. Eeewww…that whole “stink palm” thing is gross, I’m worried about you JT. Plus I’ll never shake hands with anyone again!

    Fester…that’s great we’ll put a bunch of lawn gnomes in his yard. He’d probably think he won something from travelocity.–>

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