Doing it “old school” in Alabama

Hey everyone…I just returned from a trip to the great state of Alabama, and what a grand time was had by all. While in AL we took a trip to a little place called “Moody Mondays”, my sister-in-law & her hubby DJ there on Saturdays. It was a good time, but the best part of it all was going “old school” on the dance floor with my Mom-in-law. My M-I-L was a blast on the dance floor, and Jose wasn’t bad either. Of course after 8 drinks we threw in a little air-guitar and some dirty dancing. Gee I hope nobody has pictures! At one point I was doing the YMCA dance…OMG!!! I’ll never be able to show my face there again. Anyway I’ve got to groove on outta here so “Word” to my M-I-L, bro’s, and sis’s in Alabama!


5 responses to “Doing it “old school” in Alabama

  1. you forgot to mention the part where you twirled your head so fast during the air guitar part that you lost your hair bun. heh

  2. You know what bun I’m talking about. What you wrote isn’t near as wild as what you were telling me on the phone!

  3. You’re holding out on us!

  4. I would never hold out on you guys.
    :::crossing fingers:::

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