Question of the week 8

I’ve pulled a lot of pranks in my day…Just ask DL, she was on the receiving end of a good many of them. However she was also my accomplice on several occasions. Like the time we took our younger sister snipe hunting. I’ll try and remember some of the funnier ones and post them here later.

My question of the week is…
What was the funniest, most bizarre prank that you’ve ever pulled on someone?


23 responses to “Question of the week 8

  1. Can I really remember? I think I have done a lot that I find it difficult to put my hand on any. But I do remember one Sally played on me. I am an independent product consultant for Tahitian Noni Juice and one day Sally called me and was shouting that I should send her product to her or return her money if I want peace. Now, I didnt know that she was the one and I also didnt have any situation like that but, I was really scared then later she laughed and told me it was her. I wont forget it in a hurry

  2. Well there was the double prank I pulled first on Goldbloom and then when Goldbloom retaliated, on our project manager. We told him about Mrs. Goldbloom’s participation in a certain scavenger hunt where she had to “acquire” something. So he called and acted like the police were after her lol. When she got it out of me that it was a prank, she waited until he called their office and acted like she was crying and stuff. Pretty funny.
    Also, I almost had her believing I was moving to England until she made me swear to God, which I couldn’t do.

  3. Lets just say it involved Wild Turkey, hairspary, a lighter, a skateboard, a really big hill in the dark, a moped with no wheels strapped to a snowboard, a rope, and a red plastic sled… and leave it at that.

  4. roflmao!! Oh no, you can’t leave it at that! I want to know what happened!

  5. jt…You must give us ALL the details! Not telling us is a form of torcher you know, and incredibly cruel.

  6. 1) Wild Turkey – We were really really really drunk – and 16

    2) Hairspray – nothing burns better in the rain/sleet

    3) Lighter – See #2

    4)Skateboard – Spray it down with #2 and ignite with #3

    4) Big Hill – It was all muddy from the rain, and really slick – and I mean really slick and muddy. No grass or anything…just mud.

    5) Moped – We took the wheels off and attached it to the snowboard because it seemed to us that it would “handled” better going down the hill in the mud if we didn’t have to worry about the little skinny tires – especially since it would be pulling the red plastic sled that was pulling the ignited skateboard.

    6) I was on the moped. Keith was on the skateboard, and our passed out friend, Steve, was on the sled.

    He wasn’t that impressed when he woke up going down that hill behind a moped on a snowboard and in front of a flaming skateboard.

    Logistically, it seemed like a good idea. But practically, it was a pretty bad idea. We neglected to take into account that the skateboard would sink in the mud after about 25 feet, and the fact that once the moped was attached to the snowboard, you couldn’t steer it anymore.

    So Keith ended up being dragged down the hill until he let go of the rope – and being drunk, it took him a few moments to realize this. I was in control of something I had no control over and eventually crashed. And Steve – who was no longer in a “passed out” state of mind, waited until I passed out and put matches between my toes and set my feet on fire…

    It was a good night to be 16 and drunk…

  7. ROFLMAO…OMG! Tell me this isn’t typical behavior for teenage boys. I’ve got 2 boys, and I would be horrified if they tried that stunt. Hey maybe you should submit that stunt to J@ck@ss.

  8. We were particularly stupid and largely unsupervised.

    Combine the two and you eventually end up with something on fire…

  9. That’s a classic! lolol And I thought it was funny when I taught goldbloom how to parasail without a parachute. heh

  10. You have a depraved knack for asking these kinds of questions before the Statute of Limitations has expired.

  11. Statute of limitation?!? Now you have to tell us.

  12. Nope, you’re just going to have to learn to live with disappointment.

    Kind of like marriage.

  13. Hey DL do you remember the time we went camping and there were alot of flying bugs? I told you they were “flying timber roaches” and you were all grossed out and telling the other campers about them. LOL!

  14. Don’t Dragons eat roaches?

  15. I remember! It’s the same camping trip where I started to pick up a snake (non-poisonous) and you nearly beat my arm off to stop me…chicken!
    Dragon’s don’t eat roaches! They prefer meat and an occasional salad.

  16. Zombies. Deep-fried. Served daily at Fester’s.

  17. I would never, ever pull a prank on anyone. Ever.
    My nose just grew.

  18. Frothmistress…Now you must tell us about one of your pranks, to make redemption for that lie you just told. 🙂

  19. Well Frothy, we’re waiting…::taps foot on ground::

  20. Don’t bother waiting on The Froth. Remember the Statute of Limitations…

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