Dragon Art

After seeing the artwork dragonlady posted on her site I decided to post some of my own. I like to call this one psycho dragon. Check back periodically for new works featuring “The dragon”. 🙂


18 responses to “Dragon Art

  1. My hair is much bigger than that.

  2. –Been eating those mushrooms that grow out of the dog’s poop again, -eh, Mrs. Goldblum?

  3. It’s Mrs. Goldbloom…Goldbloom, Goldbloom, Goldbloom! How did you know about…I mean…I don’t know about no stinking mushrooms.

  4. Calm down Mrs. Goldbutt!

  5. I wondered where my mushrooms went.

  6. fester…I think dragon’s troll ate your mushrooms!

  7. I love the colors! Awesome.

  8. I have the sudden urge to hear some Jefferson Starship.

  9. I tell you, Goldblot, I’m starting to wonder about her trolls.

  10. BAh, Goldfinger can bite me.

  11. Don’t be antagonizing Goldfart that way, DL. She just MIGHT bite you.

  12. Calm down Mrs. Goldenshowers!

  13. Okay that’s it…The gloves are off Bearded-dragon!

  14. HEY WHAT ABOUT MEH MAKE FUN OF ME I FEEL LEFT OUT….Wait nvm i take that back hehe lol

  15. I hear rabies shots hurt…

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