Sleep Whizzing?

Well we had a first in the Goldbloom household the other night. My 6 year old son who had been sleeping on the sofa started sleepwalking. Creepy! Jose was sitting at the dining room table working on his laptop when my son suddenly got up and walked up by him. My son then proceeded to pull a chair out, pull down his pants, and start whizzing under the table. My husband started yelling my son’s name, but my son didn’t even acknowledge him. He just kept going and going, and going…Kind of like the energizer bunny! He looked like he was in a trance, it was all very strange and a little unnerving. Jose was finally able to wake him up, but not before he had finished his job.

Even though I was amused and had a good laugh over the whole situation, I hope we don’t have anymore sleep walking episodes in the Goldbloom household…It’s just too creepy!


9 responses to “Sleep Whizzing?

  1. Sleep whizzing is preferable to sleep defecating.

  2. Point taken, DL. I would much rather have him do #1 than #2.

  3. Don’t you miss being 6? Geez, the stuff you could get away with.

  4. Once I was kind of sleep jumping on my bed and thought I was superman and flew off the bed and busted my lip. Goldbloom probably remembers that very well.

  5. Actually, my little brother did the same thing in the trash can a few years ago…

  6. My youngest used to do that stuff all the time. We have cought him trying to pee in closets, his sister’s bedroom and the garage. Sound asleep every time.

  7. That is so funny…I didn’t realize it was a widespread problem.

  8. Why do you have to be asleep?

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