30 Things you’ve always wanted to know about Dragon!

This post is in retaliation to one about me on Dragonlady’s blog site…Come on Dragon, you knew it was coming! 🙂

1. Some people know her as “Snail”.

2. She once traveled over the rainbow, but a house fell on her and she lost her ruby slippers so she never went back.

3. She can do a mean chicken dance!

4. When she was a teenager she was in love with Tommy Shaw the lead singer of the band Stix.

5. She never saw the problem with wearing stripes and plaids together.

6. When we were young she always had a chocolate ring around her mouth.

7. She has a love affair with reeses peanut butter cups, and when she was pregnant she could eat a whole bag of them.

8. When she bowls she likes to slide up to the line on her butt as she releases the ball…Great technique dragon.

9. She’s a fun (crazy) traveling companion!

10. We were adopted & raised by our grandparents.

11. She was a singer in a heavy metal band.

12. She adored her sister (me) and constantly followed her around when they were young.

13. She loves horror films, especially the zombie ones.

14. Once at a concert she grabbed a guy (she didn’t know) by the legs and
said “I’ll take ten of these gift wrapped”.

15. She fell off of a cliff at Turkey run state park.

16. She’s rebellious.

17. She’s great at writing.

18. She’s addicted to coffee & cigarettes, and you wouldn’t want to be around her if she were deprived of one of the above.

19. My dogs have always loved her…I mean REALLY loved her.

20. Once she really was up the creek without a paddle!…And we were laughing so hard I couldn’t help her.

21. She has an invisible sign on her that says If you’re a weirdo please mess with me.

22. She has a dragon tattoo on her chest.

23. I once had to rescue her from Poland…well sort of!

24. We grew up thinking we were part Italian, but then when we were in our thirties we found out we were really part Hispanic.

25. She once won a radio contest and got to go party with John Mellencamp and his band.

26. She’s addicted to the pc game Diablo.

27. She sucks at racing games.

28. She can swear like a sailor when she gets upset.

29. She likes to laugh at people when they trip or fall.

30. She has a lot of medical knowledge…it’s always been a hobby of hers.

UPDATE: I thought of another one after posting this. She once called about a job at a massage parlor thinking it was a job at a horse stables. The lady she talked with must have been totally confused!


6 responses to “30 Things you’ve always wanted to know about Dragon!

  1. ROFL! I had forgotten about the massage parlor thing. I remember it like it was yesterday…
    The place was called the Livery Stable and being a horse lover I thought I might like working at a stable… I’ll have to blog about this hehehe.

  2. You forgot your wild time with Judy Zuke and getting backstage passes to the Elton John concert. lol

  3. Yeah well I can’t believe we met Elton John and the only thing he said to us was “you look like a couple of drowned rats!”.

  4. In his defense, we probably did lol.

  5. You still do hehe^^

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