Fun with the letter “S”

This is a fun Meme from etchen’s blog site where you are assigned a letter and then you have to list ten words that start with that letter and their meaning to you. I was assigned the letter “s” so here goes:

Sister: Reminds me of my dear sister dragonlady. There is also an “f” word that reminds me of her.

Suck: That sound I hear every month when the bills suck my bank account dry.

Strong: Reminds me of my Dad. He always seemed like the strongest man in the world to me.

Scandalous: Anything to do with politics.

According to the “Dictionary of Thieving Slang” this term means lying with a wench. So I guess this is What Mr. Dragon does!

Sabotage: What the credit card companies do to consumers on a daily basis.

Sex: Okay when I got the letter “s” I knew it would come to this. Well let’s see what does this word mean to me? When I hear this word I think how ironic that I have no time for this word, But the reason I have no time for this word is because I used to spend too much time with this word and I ended up with 4 children!

Silly: The way I act when I hangout with my children.

Special: The way Mr. Goldbloom still makes me feel when we go on a date.

Spontaneous: Whenever I have Jose’s wallet I tend to be this way. 🙂


11 responses to “Fun with the letter “S”

  1. Really, now…”Dictionary of Thieving Slang?” –now that sounds like an appropriate tome for the Goonboon family library…

  2. Oddly enough you call me a wench but you’re the one with 4 kids. hmmm..

  3. It’s GOLDBLOOM damn it!!!

  4. You might want to check my site. lol

  5. YAY!! We win, we win! Pack it up guys.

  6. You forgot Sarcastic.

  7. Michelle…That would be easy.

    Sarcastic: Dragon. 🙂

  8. Dragon?? You must be projecting again.

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