This just in….

Rumor has it that Dragon is disgruntled with Mr. Dragon over his alleged fits of hysteria over MrsJoseGoldblooms comments. According to reliable sources Mr. Dragon was laughing hysterically over Goldblooms comments. This infuriated dragon and she was said to have actually hit him and was quoted as saying “You don’t laugh that hard over my comments!”.

Film at 11:00


7 responses to “This just in….

  1. I think your source is on drugs.

  2. …looks like you forgot to take your meds again this AM, eh Mrs. GoBoom?

  3. YOU ARE??? I mean…They are?

  4. IT’S GOLDBLOOM!!! :)~

  5. Say, Goldfizz, does Jose know you like screaming his name in public?

  6. Fester…Don’t you have some zombies to deep fry? 🙂

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