Okay I’m getting in a plug for my favorite American Idol “Taylor Hicks”. This is the last chance to vote for him so come on everyone call in a vote or two for him, it doesn’t cost anything. It’ll make you feel better…I promise, Oh for cripe sakes just DO IT! Okay now I’m begging you PLEASE!!

1-866-idols02 or 1-866-idols04 or 1-866-idols06


5 responses to “GO TAYLOR GO…SOUL PATROL!!!

  1. My God, you’ve really went off the deep end haven’t you?

  2. Hey he’s from your state…come on give him some support. 🙂

  3. YES…Taylor did it!!!! whoopie!!!

  4. I voted for him too! yeah Soul patrol!

  5. I liked Taylor from the beginning, but I was afraid he wouldn’t make it to the end because of his older look.

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