Movie reviews

Okay I rented two movies over the weekend and thought I would take a little time to review them here for y’all.

The first movie we watched was “KING KONG”. I rented this movie for the boys and we ended up watching it with them. Actually they got bored after the first 15 minutes or so and ended up going to their rooms. The movie was long and although the beginning and ending were pretty boring the middle of the movie was more exciting than the original. I think if they had changed the ending I would have liked it better. We all know how King Kong ends…Monkey climbs big building, falls down, goes boom! They could have made it more modern by having him join the homeland security team and put him in charge of border control. Now that would have been an ending!

The next movie we watched was “When a stranger calls”. Frankly I was disappointed with this movie and found it a bit boring. It really wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t great either. There were a few moments where I almost made it to the edge of my seat, but for the most part I just kept waiting for it to get scary, which it never did. Can’t anyone deliver a kick @ss scary movie anymore???


4 responses to “Movie reviews

  1. I have no desire to see King Kong and HEY, I liked when a stranger calls!!

  2. I just hate how they make the women act in these movies. If somebody was calling me and acting intimidating I’d say something like “Hey if you’re sooo bad why don’t you climb off your momma and bring it on”

  3. That wouldnt be me that girl in When A Stranger Calls I wouldnt stay in the frigin house Id haull mine and the kids butts over to the police station!

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