Adorable Monkey Thingy!

My niece (dragonlady’s oldest fledgling) emailed this pic to me. I thought the look on this monkey thingy’s face was totally hilarious. What’s that look about anyway? Well I thought it would be fun for everyone to make up a caption for this pic and post it here. Come on I know you’re a creative bunch we could have some real fun with this. You won’t win anything, but hey you can practice your witty repituar. I have posted an example below.

ie: Jebus doc…Why don’t you warn a guy before you do that!


9 responses to “Adorable Monkey Thingy!

  1. Hello Mr. & Mrs. Goonboon, I’m here to pick up your daughter…

  2. HEY! Why don’t you warm that thing up first??

  3. Hey anonymouse…that was pretty funny.

  4. LOL Frothmistress…I like it!

  5. How about, “you said we were playing peek a boo!!”

  6. EEk thats not where thats suppose to go man

  7. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!

  8. Help the homeless down the street and persuade them to look for work

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