Blair & Bush go on a date. – “Bush and Blair had a private meeting and ended when the two left for dinner upstairs in the president’s residence.”

Ken Lay & Jeff Skillman prepare for life as prison bitches.

Senate passes landmark immigration bill that pardons thousands of criminals.

Inflation rises above Fed comfort zone…I guess it’s time to raise the interest rate again!

Michael Jackson plans appearance in Tokyo…Better buy those tickets now, they’ll go fast.

RV ownership at a record high. RV + gas prices = 2nd mortgage

Axl Rose gets bitch slapped by Tommy Hilfiger. How immasculating!

Surgeons who play video games before performing surgery move faster and make fewer mistakes. So before going into surgery you might want to question your doc about his video game skillz.

Communist return dracula’s castle…WTF!



  1. Axl should have knocked him on his ass, from how I heard it happened. In my opinion he showed incredible restraint. Or maybe he just doesn’t believe in hitting girls.

  2. LOL dragon. Yes I was pretty surprised at how Axl handled it, maybe he’s turned over a new leaf.

  3. Quit cracking me up already! LOVE the Ken Lay and Michael Jackson ones…hilarious! (And very true).

  4. I try to report the news accurately…LOL

  5. Guess I have to get back to my my real estate work. Enough blogging for now. I did enjoy reading your blog. Visit my site if you have a chance.

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