Let the games begin?

Well over this past holiday weekend I took advantage of the nice weather and started my annual yard grooming. I trimmed bushes, weeded my flower beds, edged my walkways, & started the never ending fight against the ants. Last year we were plagued with ants, and I mean a plague of biblical proportions. I tried everything…Baits, sprays, home remedies, sacrifices, and all to no avail. I think the ants finally decided that they’d had enough fun with me and moved on to my neighbors house, but by that time I had bald spots where I had pulled my hair out.

This year I’ve decided to start the fight before they even show up, so I’ve sprayed the yard extremely well and I’m using insecticide spikes in the yard. Maybe I should buy an aardvark costume for my dog….heh? Oh well if anyone has come up with a sure fire method for getting rid of these pests I’d love to know about it. Meanwhile I’m keeping my fingers crossed and rubbing a four leaf clover, and hanging up horse shoes, and……………..!


13 responses to “Let the games begin?

  1. I can’t believe you waged genocidal war against all those helpless ants.

  2. Hey they started it…they tried to carry off my dog while he was asleep!

  3. They were just hungry.

  4. Well if they’re hungry I’ll set out some nice little baits for them.

    Hey I wonder if that’s what happened to the neighbor’s cat that disappeared?

  5. Yea they carryed off my favorite pair of sandels stupid ants I JUST STEPPED ON ONE OUTSIDE YAY FOR ME

  6. I love the aardvark costume idea!

  7. the evil cat that attacked my leg Evil cat got what it had comen hehe

  8. I say you sacrifice one member of your household to the ant god. lol


  10. Goldbloom, get your ass on the computer and start blogging again!!

  11. I think she was sacrificed.

  12. The tribe has spoken! lol

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