It’s been a long time since I….

…Wrote on my blog site. Mostly due to my KIDS!!! There’s been dental appointments, teen problems, ANTS, more dental appointments, and more teen problems, and more ANTS, and then there’s Dragon’s youngest who has come to stay for a while. And let me tell you Dragon’s youngest is a chip off the old block, my God she reminds me of her mother! She was even wearing plaids & stripes together when she showed up here, just like dragon used to do. One day I’ll have to dig out and post some pics of dragon in the wardrobe of her youth and post them here.

I promise I’ll write some more tomorrow even though I have yet another dental appointment in the morning. I hate it when it’s time for the bi-annual cleanings, and with 4 kids it seems like there’s always some kind of appointment. Next comes the braces for my youngest daughter…My wallet’s already crying!


14 responses to “It’s been a long time since I….

  1. Tess needs to retire that plaid skirt. She’s outgrown it but doesn’t want to give it up.

  2. well, if they need braces, make sure they get them. It’s better to correct teeth problems before they get the wisdom teeth in.

  3. I will definitely get the braces for them. I didn’t get my braces until I was 26, and it was a real pain…in more ways than one.

  4. Daughter #4 is getting ready to go into braces. I paid for the orthodontist’s Ferrari.

  5. BTW, what’s wrong with stripes and plaids on a girl? I mean, paisley is bad, yes, but stripes and plaids?

  6. Paisley is EVIL…Kind of like dragon!

  7. Some humans have no taste at all.

  8. Here is a whole-hearted vote for pictures from the past. LOL.

  9. We got invaded by ants here as well…they seem to multiply by the minute! Definitely post old pics of Dragon! 😉

  10. Yeah, post some pics of Dragon. I could use a few laughs.

  11. Good God, it’s a good thing that Goldbloom doesn’t have a working scanner!


    Sorry, DL—the voices in my head made me do that…LOL.

  13. Wench! Change your link of the dragon’s den, I have a different site. And where the hell are you??!!–>

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