My son’s vocabulary continues to grow

Well I recently discovered that my youngest child’s vocabulary is growing at an alarming rate. I’m sure that it is due to his older siblings pitching in to help, but I suspect that I may also play some small part in his success. Following is a conversation which recently took place in the Goldbloom household…

Jose II: Mom what would you do if I cussed?

Me: Probably slap you out of that chair.

Jeremy: Fluck!

Jose II:::Laughing hysterically:::

Me: Young man that is not funny…Come here!

Jeremy:::starts laughing and running through the house:::

I catch him and march him to his dad, and when his dad has given him the proper lecture Jeremy returns to the family room where the conversation continues.

Jose II: Well what did he say.

Jeremy: He’s going to wash my mouth with soap if I cuss again.

Me: Well young man just how many cuss words do you know anyway?

Jeremy: Will you tell Dad?

Me: I’m just curious about how many bad words you know.

Jeremy: Bich, @ss, Fluck…

Me: OKAY STOP!!! Where in the heck did you learn those words?

Jeremy: uh, Dad

Me: Oh really…

Jeremy: And You!


13 responses to “My son’s vocabulary continues to grow

  1. All I have to say is, Sailor mouth, Spongebob. lolol

  2. I often say bastards and my Goddaughter picked up on last time I visited her and promptly went to her parochial school the next day and called everyone bastards.(thinking it was funny) The nuns were super pleased with me.

  3. Etchen LOL! He starts first grade next year and I’m hoping those words are long forgotten by then, but probably not. My oldest son talks about the kids cussing at school and he just finished 4th grade.

  4. Aaaa he will not forget those word he will even learn new cuss words you just have to keep an eye on him

  5. That’s just darn funny!

  6. Just you wait. It doesn’t get better. Heh

    The Frothmistress

  7. Want some help teaching him to use them in proper context?

  8. My son was cussin’ in 3rd grade. In 4th grade, when he asked about the birds and the bees, he wanted to use the cuss words, and I stopped him dead in his tracks when I told him that I would not allow it, and if we were to discuss said subject, we will use the right terms.

    No thanks to his mother.

  9. Macker, I don’t even want to think of the “sex talk”. :::shivers::: I suppose their dad will handle that one though…thank God!

  10. Let’s hope you don’t get what happened to me with Tess and the sex talk…UGHHH.

  11. Dragon that was priceless!

  12. Yeah, you say that because it didn’t happen to you. lol

  13. Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!

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