Words of inspiration

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent to a friend. She has recently gone through a horrible divorce and is so sad now. She feels empty and is talking about wanting her husband back (He left her for a girl half his age, and right after her father passed away). I sent her these words of encouragement hoping that it would spark excitement in her and get her moving. I’m printing them here because they might help someone else who’s going through a difficult time in their life.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but with that being said I think you are a strong woman and will get through this no matter what the outcome. I think volunteering is a wonderful idea, I also think that you should take some kind of class. Do something you’ve always found interesting, but either didn’t have the time or the courage to do. Rediscovering yourself is the key to happiness! Remember the girl you used to be prior to marriage, prior to any man! Go on a cruise or a small excursion with some girlfriends. Tell yourself everyday that you are smart, fun, strong, independent, and you are making it through this. Basically LOVE YOURSELF! Maybe when your ex notices how strong, independent, and happy you are he’ll come around…Maybe he’s getting tired of the unstable 27 year old. If not forget him! I know that if not him there is someone out there that will treat you like a queen, and you deserve it. Just remember you have people that love you and care about what happens to you.


8 responses to “Words of inspiration

  1. I thought I needed to clarify a statement I made. When I said “unstable 27 year old” I didn’t mean all 27 year olds. She had told me that this new girlfriend was unstable.

  2. dragonlady474

    Words of wisdom and well thought out.

  3. Jeeze Louise…Some men are just pigs, aren’t they? Not me, of course, but some are.

    That’s just wrong.

  4. Yes Tony maybe I ought to clarify that. I know all men aren’t pigs, I’ve known many outstanding men in my life. My husband happens to be one of the outstanding ones…I think! J/K

    And just so I don’t discriminate there are also women who can be pigs too!

  5. Goldfish, I’m speechless.

    Cat. She needs a cat.

  6. Fester…she already has 3 dogs (labradors), but the labs might like a cat.

  7. Well, if all else fails she could sneak in when they’re having sex and put a stick of dynamite up his ass.

  8. I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

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