Beauty Secrets?

Okay instead of doing a question of the week I’ve decided to ask you, my dear readers, to divulge your most coveted beauty rituals. Come on don’t be stingy!

The last time I tried a beauty ritual it was disastrous. I had heard that putting ugh…Butt cream under your eyes would help relieve puffiness and dark circles. So I put said cream under my eyes and proceeded about my day. Everything SEEMED fine, but I noticed my dog kept trying to sniff my face…HHMMM! Later when I went to check the mail I noticed the neighbor’s dogs kept jumping on me and trying to sniff me…WTF! Finally when my husband arrived home from work and gave me the obligatory kiss he said “what smells like @ss?”.


17 responses to “Beauty Secrets?

  1. Here’s one.

    My X used to complain about her boobs being so small, yet she didn’t want to “augment” the little puppies. I suggested that she started rubbing toilet paper between them. She said, “that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” I said, “it sure worked on your Ass!”

  2. What, you didn’t divulge the band-aid trick??

  3. Hey that’s your beauty secret…why don’t you enlighten us?

  4. Any product by Oil of Olay, that’s about it. Including…
    face products, bodywash, and in-shower moisturizer. The in-shower moistureizer is awesome. Your skin not only feels soft and smooth, for some reason mosquitos won’t go near you after you use it.

  5. dragonlady474

    ahem, the band-aid thing was originally YOUR idea from when you were in that pageant…remember??

  6. All I remember from that pageant was that butt-glue they used to hold our swim suits in place. I scrubbed my behind till it was red and the sheets still stuck to me. I remember waking up the next morning and when I pulled the sheet back it was like somebody pulling a big bandaid off of my rump. OOUCH!

  7. dragonlady474

    WOW, how could you breathe with that thing on you? lol

  8. Dragon…what are you implying?

  9. dragonlady474

    Nothing..nothing, well…maybe you could have just sneezed and blown it off lol.

  10. Don’t bathe. Thet way the natural skin oils stay in place.

  11. I like those face mask thingies. They harden while I’m blogging and I get to scare whoever’s in the house. Or little pads soaked in witch hazel. They do nothing for the bags under my eyes, but they feel good and people leave me alone.

    The Froth

  12. dragonlady474

    lol Hoosierboy

  13. Yes HB but HOW do you comb it?

  14. I look at you that way i know what not to do HAHA!!

  15. Your site is on top of my favourites – Great work I like it.

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