It was only a dream

Last night I was riding a beautiful wild horse on the beach. I could hear the waves roaring beside me and felt a fine mist on my face. The seagulls were crying in the distance and the sunset was exploding with a beautiful gold and orange color. I rode my horse to a tropical veranda where I dismounted and was immediately surrounded by gorgeous young man-servants who were waiting with food, drink and massage oils. I lay down on a chaise lounge and was hand fed shrimp and strawberries while being fanned and having my feet massaged. I drank wine from a conch shell while my man-servants told me of my beauty. There was beautiful calypso music playing and I could hardly believe it when I heard the obnoxious droning of my alarm clock! I screamed “NOOO I DON”T WANT TO LEAVE!”. It was too late though, for in that moment my dog jumped on the bed and began licking my face, and the kids ran in yelling “mommy we’re hungry”.

Oh well there’s always tonight!


9 responses to “It was only a dream

  1. You are a piece of work! Glad I clicked your link from the Froth’s.

    Every time I think of MrsJoseGoldbloom, I think of this joke.

    A woman was sitting on an airplane reading a magazine. The man sitting next to her asks what she’s reading and she replies, “Cosmo.” She said, “It says here that American Indians have the longest penises and Jewish men have the thickest penises.” The man replies, “That’s very interesting, by the way, my name is Tonto Goldstein – nice to meet you!”

  2. LMAO HAHAHA I love this site so many things to talk about ^^

  3. Tony – Always glad to have new readers.

    EmoKat – Hey watch the LMAO! 🙂

  4. heh…hehe…wuhahahaha! 🙂 Now I’ll always think of that too.

  5. LOL YES Fester, I believe you do.

  6. Yea you woke up to mr. turn-a-lot hehe^^ im so nice ^^

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