Inquiring minds want to know…I think!

For the sake of science, and the entertainment of my readers I am embarking on a scientific experiment today. I have subjected my body to an unnatural alteration in order to perform this experiment…I have given myself a breast enlargement! Yes you heard me correctly. It was a tedious task and I was sweating profusely as I inserted the gym socks. It was a procedure which had to be done without assistance of any kind in order to keep the experiment secret. Yes I sacrificed for you my dear readers. Now I will wear these foreign objects all day to study the effects they have on people. How will I be treated when I go out in public? Will my family notice? How will Jose respond? Will I be treated differently? Check back this weekend to find out the answers to these questions and more!


24 responses to “Inquiring minds want to know…I think!

  1. More than a mouthful is a waste.

    Did I just type that out loud?

  2. somebody has too much free time on her hands….

  3. Good Lord it’s science man!

  4. dragonlady474

    So did anyone notice after I’d talked to you on the phone?

  5. Ok, for science sake. Nobody will notice. No body. Period. How do I know this?

    My dad, god bless him, did the whole comb-over thing for years. He was totally bald on the top of his head, yet, he had good hair on the sides. So he grew the dickens out of the side hair and combed it right over to cover the bald. (For all of you “Not Necessarily the News” buffs, the ‘sniglet’ was called a Yinkle). We begged him to cut it, but he just couldn’t do it. One Christmas, I drove to Oklahoma and was there for the entire holiday before my mom finally told me. I’d never noticed. Not once. Nor will your family or friends notice that you “put a sock in it.”

  6. Well none of my family noticed and I even got quite obnoxious about it. However when I went out I did notice certain behaviors that I will explain when I write my results post.

  7. I would like to know if one can adjust for lopsided boobs. And, which socks are better. Are they itchy? Does the fabric softener make a diff?

    Did you have to move any buttons?
    Or smash someone in the face for tactile imprudence?

    The Froth

  8. See, I was right.

  9. Froth…all your questions shall be answered in my follow-up post. 🙂 Tony…yes you were right, sort of. It will all be disclosed in my next post. I still cant believe I did it though. LOL

  10. OK, did you wad up the socks, or put them over? Were they tube socks or did they have heels, ’cause that would be …uh…lumpy. Hah, if they were tube socks, did you cover them with a tube top?

    My first girlfriend used kleenex. It must have been a whole box. I refuse to say how I knew this. Lets just say I found out while parked in a cornfield on county road 500 west in Clinton County.

    That wasn’t you I trust?

  11. Sounds easier than sneaking a tinfoil-covered banana through airport security….

    -derek smalls, bassist

  12. dragonlady474

    Are you speaking from experience Derek? lol

  13. Did you forget to tell them while I was talking to you mrs.goldbutt that I kept like looking at your so called boobs trying to find out why they were bigger then found out you stiffed hhhhhhmmmmmm?

  14. dragonlady474

    She is female, right? lol

  15. HEY NOW I MENT STUFFED IT WAS A TYPO!!!I am too a girl…

  16. The only area that matters is above the knee and below the bellybutton.

    Everything else is window-dressing.

  17. OK, the weekend has come and gone and no results. You must be a government researcher. Deadlines, people.

  18. dragonlady474

    That’s right Goldbloom, I’m getting bored. And you know what happens when I get bored. 🙂

  19. Okay the results are coming…I promise. Jose switched to the firefox browser and I’ve been having all kinds of problems with the pc the last couple of days. I was forced to use the kids laptop and it wasn’t pretty!

  20. dragonlady474

    Man, you’re going to love firefox once you get used to it.

  21. no i dont think she will cuz its messing up the computer

  22. Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

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