Celebrating my independence?

Well I started out this wonderful weekend where we celebrate our independence by doing laundry, cleaning the stove, waiting on kids, oh and my husband, cooking, and running errands. Then I thought Independence my @ss, what I need is some English Tea! Anyway really exciting stuff here today folks. Oh I did rent some movies, and my daughter picked out the hills have eyes, my husband selected The Pink Panther, and I chose Firewall. My oldest daughter and I popped some popcorn and went to her room to watch The Hills have eyes (she was too scared to watch it by herself). I must say it was a totally weird movie, but my daughter seemed to like it. There was one disturbing part where one of the mutants forced a woman to breast feed him! What is up with that Hollywood? Hopefully the other movies will be better. Well I am going to go enjoy my English Tea now, Cheerio and all that rut!


25 responses to “Celebrating my independence?

  1. mother stop acting like you have intelligenc you are just as dumb as me so stop pretending hehe^^

  2. It would have been much more interesting if the mother would have forced the mutants to breast feed!

  3. No it would have been a little disturbing

  4. dragonlady474

    You know Goldbloom, that thing we were talking about on the phone. I think your initial perception might have been correct lol.

  5. Ut Oh…I don’t think you’d be talking about the emo…and I would be the only “thing” you could have possibly been talking about.

    So, in my own defense…there isn’t anyTHING that could have been perceived! So there!

  6. dragonlady474

    Okay, I’ll just put it right out there, Tony are you a pervert? LOL

  7. Why is that Dragon? Are you and your cult-like following looking for some new freaks?

    No I’m not a perv…sheesh

  8. LOL…Dragon you crack me up!

  9. So, Dragon, just why are you interested in perverts?

  10. dragonlady474

    Well I was just wondering lol! No bad meanings behind it, I was just curious after reading his posts. Lighten up everyone or I’m going to roll up a newspaper and smack all of you with it.

  11. dragonlady474

    Also, my cult-like following already has a resident pervert…Fester. heh

  12. dragonlady474

    Shhhh…he’s into zombies.

  13. dragonlady474

    I’m buying you a new deep fryer for Christmas this year lol.

  14. Ewwww…!

    Happy 4th of July!

  15. No worries, Dragon. I don’t let things complete strangers say bother me! Hell, I don’t give a flip what half the people I know say about me!

  16. dragonlady474

    Well crap I guess I can let go of this rolled up newspaper then. It’s a pity. I haven’t given anyone a good beating in long time. Maybe I’ll surprise Mr. Dragon tonight lol.

  17. HAHA!!!Thats funny i bet mr.dragon will be surprised lol^^

  18. hillooooo…Tonto Goldstein? Did you break your typin’ fingers?

  19. dragonlady474

    I think she’s missing in action.

  20. No my fingers are fine, but my pc has been acting up and Jose finally has it fixed. I’ve also been tending to Jose who had to have some outpatient surgery done…thank God he’s better now!

  21. dragonlady474

    Surgery, then that must mean…oh gawd, give Jose my condolences.

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