The results are in…

Okay I’m running a little late with the results of my experiment, but one can’t rush science!

I was really shocked that no one seemed to notice, because I thought they were extremely obvious. My daughters and Jose kept looking at my chest periodically, but never said anything. When I finally revealed my experiment to them they had said they felt there was something different, but they never suspected I was artificially enhanced. Then again Jose never notices when I get my hair done!
I did make it out to a few places that day to test the general publics response to my enhancements. The manager at a local store (which I go to on a regular basis) was more helpful than he had ever been in the past. He even held up a line full of grumpy customers to help me with something totally foolish. Other than that there was absolutely no reactions…No one noticed that I was wielding the power of the socks!

Now I will answer all your questions to the best of my ability…

I would like to know if one can adjust for lopsided boobs. And, which socks are better. Are they itchy? I decided to go for the lopsided look so as to appear more natural. Itchiness wasn’t a problem thanks to the power of fabric softner.

Does the fabric softener make a diff? I believe if you’re going to try this you MUST use fabric softener, otherwise you’ll be itching like crazy and all the scratching will cause slippage.

Did you have to move any buttons? I actually wore a pull over so I didn’t have to worry with any buttons.

Or smash someone in the face for tactile imprudence? No…Dang it!

OK, did you wad up the socks, or put them over? I rolled them together and put them under, kind of like a push-up bra.

Were they tube socks or did they have heels, ’cause that would be …uh…Lumpy.
I used (1) pair of regular crew socks & (1) pair of the short crew socks. I wanted to appear natural so I made one bigger than the other.

Hah, if they were tube socks, did you cover them with a tube top? No just a low cut tee.

My first girlfriend used Kleenex. It must have been a whole box. I refuse to say how I knew this. Lets just say I found out while parked in a cornfield on county road 500 west in Clinton County. That wasn’t you I trust? Nope wasn’t me…I grew up in Tippecanoe county. I get what happened…You were allergic to the corn and had to blow your nose.

Okay now that I have answered all your questions I can start thinking about my next experiment!


10 responses to “The results are in…

  1. You could snip a bra in half and wear it as socks and see if anyone notices.

  2. I don’t think they would fit on my feet! My feet are too big…LOL

  3. dragonlady474

    ” I don’t think they would fit on my feet! My feet are too big…LOL”

    No truer words were ever spoken by you Goldbloom lol.

  4. I have heard about guys who…uh…pad their pants. I have never done it (apparently, I like the “flat” look). Perhaps you could try that and see if you get any unusual reactions.

    I have lots of good ideas. Let me know if you need more help thinking up experiments.

  5. dragonlady474

    HoosierBoy, you must do this experiment. In the name of science of course.

  6. Dragon, I live this experiment every day

  7. pffft…hahahaha! 🙂

  8. Years ago, a guy I worked with rolled up a shop towel and stuck it in his jeans with it running down his leg about 12 inches.

    I leave the results to your imagination…

  9. Ahahahaha! I love it! You should try this trick next time you take the car into the repair shop and see the results then.

  10. post somethin will ya?

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