Okay so dragon mentioned something about my bird on her site so I might as well explain. I’ve had a cockatiel named peeps for 3 years now. My Uncle bought it for the family and when we got him he was only a couple months old. I love our little bird and have even been looking into getting him a mate since he seems to be lonely at night when we cover him up. He’s so lonely he even tries to mate with his hanging thing-a-ma-bob…Or so we thought HE was.

This strange new behavior appeared last night when I went to fill up his food bowl. The moment I stuck my hand in the cage he ran at me screeching like a banshee and was taking a very offensive posture with me. I needless to say yanked my arm out quickly and said “whoa peeps don’t bite the hand that feeds ya”. Then laughing, but a little nervous I stuck my hand in again and Peeps displayed the same odd behavior. It took three tries before he let me fill his food bowl, but he was still assuming an offensive posture with me. I just kind of laughed it off and covered him up for the night. Well when I got up this morning I remembered the odd behavior and went to check on him. As soon as I took the cover off of his cage he started hissing and jumping up at me then he ran back to the same corner he had been crouched in the night before. This started to puzzle me and I began interrogating all the kids and Jose (since he’s threatened to ring the birds neck on a few occasions) to see if anyone had been mean to or scared the bird somehow. Everyone denied knowing anything, and I thought okay someone is hiding something! I smelled a conspiracy!! Well I went back to the cage to console Peeps and was once again subjected to Peeps hissing and screeching at me…I know he was cussing me out in cockatiel, but I can’t prove it since I don’t speak cockatiel. It was during one of his charges that I noticed something. He was sitting on something! What the hell…Is that an egg?…But boys don’t lay eggs!!! Okay I’ll admit I was a little slow in realizing what this implied. PEEPS was NOT a male! Thank God I found out before buying a female to keep HIM company. I’ll admit in the grand scheme of things this is no big deal, but after the last couple of weeks this was just another bizarre incident to add to the list.


11 responses to “NO HARM NO FOWL

  1. You’re going to have a Peeplet?


  2. This post has been removed by the author.

  3. acually no cause we dont have a guy bird so the egg wasnt firtalized so it wont hatch sad i know šŸ˜¦

  4. Noooo…she doesn’t have a male to fertilize it.

    See if you had spent more time studying your book in biology class than staring at girls boobs you’d know it takes a male and a female to make a baby…unless of course you’re talking about invitro fertilization…or test tube babies…and also except for worms… uhhh…nevermind.

  5. And just in case you’re thinking about buying a male Goldbloom, should I refresh your memory on the horrors of raising baby birds at the dragon household???

  6. Cockatiels could be asexual! It could happen!

  7. I guess I dont know to much about birds they are annoying to me

  8. Sounds like a candidate for the gumbo pot…

  9. Fester you can have the eggs but leave my bird alone.

  10. Scrambled cockatiel egg…MMMMM. heh

  11. With cockatiel bits!

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