When life gives me lemons…

I try to make lemonade, but I end up squirting myself in the eye!

Oh yes it has been a very stressful time at the Goldblooms. I’ve been playing nurse maid to Jose who had outpatient surgery last week. The poor guy has been miserable! I also found out that my youngest son’s Phe levels are twice what they should be (he was born with PKU), and I have to make some major diet adjustments. Then a couple of nights ago my highly intelligent daughter decided that she could make it on her own and left in the middle of the night. We’ve been having some major problems with her and her respect for our authority. Since she is already finished with high school we told her if she got a good job and her own car we would let her move out before she turned 18 (in sept). We’d already tried to get her into college this coming fall and we told her she could live in the dormouse, but being the highly intelligent teen that she is she wanted to wait a year before starting college. Then she decided she wanted to go, but it was too late for this fall and freshman can’t start mid-year…so now she can’t get in until next August. If she doesn’t screw her life up too badly by then! I haven’t been able to sleep to well…Not knowing where one of your children is, or if they’re safe, or if they have anything to eat seems to mess with your ability to sleep. I have no idea who she is with but the last several months she has been communicating with thugs that she met on myspace. Well that about sums up how my life has been the last couple of weeks…I wonder if they have internet access at the local nuthouse?

UPDATE: Well Selina is home now. I called the police this morning and an officer came to my house and within a matter of a couple hours Selina was delivered to our front yard. Now that the police are involved she will go to a juvenile home if she runs off again before she turns 18. Hopefully she will listen to reason this time!


11 responses to “When life gives me lemons…

  1. sorry I gave you a hard time about not posting. Your life is full right now without having to entertain me. We often forget there is life outside of the internet!

  2. That’s okay hoosierboy…venting helps alot.

  3. Oh my. I did that to my mother when I was a teenager. And I still regret it.

    Hope everything turns out alright.

  4. Is there a community college she could take a class or tow at in the meantime?

  5. Freddie…Yes I too ran away for a week and a half when I was only 15. I know I put my parents through hell and I’m probably paying for it now. 😩

    Etchen…That’s what we’re trying to talk her into now. We have a state college where she could take all of her general education classes and all the credits would transfer to a private college.

  6. dragonlady474

    I know what she needs. She needs her Aunt Dragon to come up to Indiana and kick her little ass for putting you guys through this crap. I am so disappointed in her after she seemed to have straightened up. I was hoping it wasn’t a sham, but I guess it was. I still hold out the offer of a weekend getaway at the Dragon household, where we can sit on my patio sipping fruitdrink and harrassing each other. Shall I get the plane ticket?

  7. Actually Drago I might be able to come down for 3 or 4 days, but not the next couple of weekends. Jose will be going to San francisco next weekend and then Jeremy’s b-day is the weekend after that. I think Jose may let me come after that because he knows I need a break, and hey he gets to go to San Francisco!

  8. OMG…I had to read that like two times to make sure I read it right! Woohoo!! ::does happy dance::
    Alabama will never be the same.

  9. Walked out of the house at 14 and never went back.

    Took half a decade in the Marines to get back on track.

    I don’t recommend it.

  10. She does understand that the true mark of intelligence is not IQ but the ability to make good, common sense decisions, right?

    There are a lot of brilliant failures around. For proof, just pick up the papers…

  11. I know what you mean fester she has a brilliant mind, but lacks common sense. In other words a disaster waiting to happen unfortunately.

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