I’ll be going to Alabama with a banjo on my knee?

Well It’s finally going to happen…I’m going to travel to Alabama for a visit with Dragon. I’m getting that long overdue sabbatical I so desperately need!

Since Dragon moved to Alabama a few years back I’ve only been able to see her a couple of times every year when she would journey here (Indiana) for Christmas or some other reason. I’ve never even seen her house, hmm I wonder if there will be things to re-arrange? One thing I know for sure…There will be an abundance of laughing & giggling with a little snorting thrown in for good measure. It’s hard to tell what all Dragon has in store for me, but one thing is for sure there is never a dull moment when we get together. I will be taking my camera so I’ll have pics to post when I get back, hehehe better watch it Dragon. While there hopefully I wont be dragged off by one of the creatures that roam around Dragon’s back yard…Or stung into oblivion by her wild Jelly Lilly…Or be buried alive in her yard by Hunter the black Labby…and what about the SHADOWS…So much danger awaits me!


5 responses to “I’ll be going to Alabama with a banjo on my knee?

  1. LOL! I forgot about your tendency to redecorate when you visit. In that case you’ll be staying in the library which is in bad need of some redecoration.
    We’re going to have a blast no matter what we do…well you know how things get when we’re together. One thing is for sure, it WILL be an adventure.

  2. You will have such a great time-I’m very excited for you. Beware of that lily–it really looks as though it could eat you if you got to close to it!

  3. Which knee? If you’re playing tenor banjo, it’s probably best to use the left knee, don’t you think?


  4. Well I don’t think the other passengers would want ME to play the banjo…so I’m just bringing it for the symbolism!

  5. Well, I think I can predict where the next world crisis will be.

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