People who dump their pets in the country are evil!

A cute little German shepherd mix puppy was abandoned by my house. I can’t imagine How someone could dump any animal, let alone an adorable little puppy. These people that DUMP their animals really irritate me! This happens all of the time here…There are always strays running around with no collar, dirty and half starved. I think it is because we live in a suburb, and people are just driving to the edge of the city and turning their pets loose when they no longer want them. Maybe they think someone else will deal with “their” responsibility, or maybe they don’t care what happens to the animal. Oh well I guess it takes all kinds. I’m trying to contact the German shepherd rescue here in Indiana, because I don’t want her to go to the animal shelter. I need to get her out of my house ASAP, because everyone is wanting to keep her and I have a feeling that the longer she is here the harder it’s going to be. I already have 4 kids, a retriever, and a cockatiel and besides I don’t think I could deal with a puppy right now. SEE… I’m already trying to justify to myself why I can’t keep her, this is not good!


13 responses to “People who dump their pets in the country are evil!

  1. dragonlady474

    AWWWWW… the evil bastards that dumped it should be shot.

  2. Hey Drago…It’s now less than 2 weeks before the big reunion.

  3. Goldbloom, you can send her right down here. She’ll go great with these two

  4. OMG—she’s SO adorable—what a sweetheart! I cannot believe someone dumped her like a sack of potatoes.

  5. Tony if I had a way to send her to you I would. I wonder if I could UPS her? 🙂

  6. I know Michelle it amazes me what some people can do to animals.

    Tony…Your Dogs are gorgeous, and I bet they’re spoiled rotten!

  7. Spoiled rotten? What ever gave you that idea? Is it the 4 acres they can run free on, or the living room couch they use to sleep on, or the canned friggin’ dog food their mother feeds them?

  8. Tony-

    I dont think a can of dog food compares to all the hours you spend outside throwing the ball, taking them to the store, or singing them little songs every morning.

    Nevermind….Our dogs are spoiled rotten.

    Just send the puppy to us!

  9. People like that just make my blood boil! If I had a place for her I would come to you and get her!

  10. What have you decided to do with her?

  11. Well actually she wandered off and didn’t return. 😦 We think someone else spotted her and took her in. Everyone was distraught because they were in the midst of trying to convince me to keep her. I think if she shows up here again that it was meant to be and I’ll keep her. My retriever Hollywood keeps looking through the house for her…they got along great!

  12. dragonlady474

    You must keep her.

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