Bad Neighbors!

I read Rude Cactus on a regular basis, and he’s posted quite a bit about his WTN (white trash neighbors) who are always doing something rude, obnoxious, or disturbing. So I was curious about “Bad Neighbor” experiences that my readers (all 3 of you) might have had. My own personal experience started with my second apartment when I was 20. The bad neighbors moved in above me, there was seven of them that lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. There was the mom and dad, their teenage son, their teenage daughter & her 2 children, and teen daughters boyfriend. They would jump, run, scream, argue, fight, party without any concern for the noise they were making. I tried nicely saying something to them about the noise, but that didn’t work. I tried taking a broom and banging on my ceiling, but that didn’t work. I even reported them to the landlady (an elderly woman), but that didn’t work because she was afraid of them. They made the last ten months in my apt miserable, so I left when my lease was up. However while I had to deal with them I got some revenge! My apt was the whole bottom floor of an older home that had been divided into 2 apts. The bottom floor was where the thermostat for the whole place was located. During that winter I would turn said thermostat WAY down when they acted up and let their kids stomp across the floor or started one of their God forsaken yelling matches. I was going for the Pavlov’s dog reaction…unfortunately for me Pavlov’s dog was much smarter than my dumb-ass neighbors! They would just come down to ask if the furnace was working properly, and I’d say yes it’s nice and warm down here.

Their teenage daughter use to sit inside their apt. and make derogatory comments every time I tried to suntan in the yard. Dragon you witnessed this because you were usually there laying out with me. I guess she thought that would make me stop laying out (her BF used to watch out the window), but it didn’t stop me. I would just lay there and when she started her obnoxious behavior, my middle finger would sort of raise up on its own…some evil force making it raise up like it was possessed or something. I wonder, did that make me the bad neighbor?



5 responses to “Bad Neighbors!

  1. dragonlady474

    LOL I remember that! What a bunch of heathens! Didn’t they also have a psycho 3 legged dog?

  2. Yes they Did DL…You know I’m an animal lover, but I hated that dog. It always ran lose, and it would charge me and try to attack my dog all the time. I was able to put an end to that though…I hit it in the head with my purse when it was attacking blue (my retriever) one day.

  3. Hmmm…

    Sounds like BF wasn’t satisfied.

  4. I sent you some mail about the YouTube thing…

  5. Thank You…Thank You….Thank you!

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