I need a break!

Well this past week has been a weird one which is why I haven’t really posted anything, other than my youtube stuff. To start off with my older daughter, who has been giving us problems, decided to sneak out in the middle of the night and take her younger sister with her. When Jose awoke at 2:30am he discovered the girls were missing. He was so mad at Selina (our oldest) he couldn’t believe she had done this just 1 week after running away and having the police threaten to take her to the juvenile center if there was anymore trouble. We were also upset that she was now involving her younger sister in her shenanigans. He decided to go look for them and found them at a convenience store/gas station that is close to our house. They were hanging out in front of the store with 3 guys. Jose was so mad he told the girls to get in the van and then he jumped out and pinned one of the guys against the wall by his throat and told him that he was to stay away from his daughters. I couldn’t believe Jose had done this, but it was kind of amusing. Jose gets the girls back home and he is giving them an earful over the stunt they had pulled. Katira (youngest daughter) is grounded and sent to her room, then he tells Selina that he is calling the officer from the previous week to come take her. Well when he leaves the room to get the phone, she darts out the front door and takes off again. Jose then had to chase her down the street and tackle her, and while laying there in a neighbors yard with my daughter in a headlock, he calls the police on his cell phone. He has to practically drag her back home in a headlock, by this time his cell phone is ringing and it is the police. They said they couldn’t do anything for us, and that it was not against the law for a kid to run away (even repeatedly). He said the other officer had just told her all that stuff to scare her and basically since it didn’t work we were on our own! I couldn’t believe this, the officer not only told her that stuff he told us the same thing. He said he would personally come back, handcuff her, and cart her off. My husband asked the officer if he could kick her out, but the officer said “no” that’s against the law and you could be arrested, so what does Jose tell the officer “Well you’d better come arrest me then” then he hung up the phone. Thank God they didn’t come and arrest him! Selina ended up saying she had a place to stay and why didn’t we just let her go, so Jose opened the door and said go…so she went. I have no idea what happened to my first born child, that well mannered, honors student, but it appears that she is gone for good. I’m not referring to her physically, but to the kid she used to be before all the rebellion, and bad behavior took over. At least I know where she is staying and was able to get her personal belongings to her.

 Okay so that happened last Thursday morning, then on Friday Jose left for San Francisco for five days. My PC has also been acting up and I found out that I had a virus which after much swearing, and pulling of hair I was finally able to get rid of. Now I have to get everything ready for the birthday party that we’re throwing for Jeremy (our youngest) tomorrow. Then 2 of my kids start summer school on Monday. Then I leave for Alabama on Wednesday….Thank God! I need a break, and a Valium!!!


12 responses to “I need a break!

  1. dragonlady474

    Yes, come to Alabama. You will have fun. It will be legendary. hehehe

  2. I always wanted to be a legend…LOL

  3. Man, some people have all the fun!

  4. FUN? Fester I’ll gladly send some of this fun your way. As a matter of fact you can have all the fun if you want it! LOL

  5. dragonlady474

    My dear Hubby is trying to weasel out of the whole donkey comment now. lol I guess he doesn’t want to face the shark(ey) when you get here lol.

  6. See what happens when one overstimulates the auditory nerve center with caffeine? She hears what she wants to hear! I’m sure there are support groups out there, but I’m poor and can’t afford the electroshock sessions. If some kind-hearted soul reads this and wants to help, please send your checks to…

  7. You could call it the “shock the dragon fund”…I’d donate some jumper cables!

  8. dragonlady474

    Don’t do me any favors you guys. ::sticks tongue out::

  9. Jose did the right thing. She wants to be independent? Great. But that means she should get to experience the downside of independence too. Don’t mean to be harsh, but she’ll learn nothing if you rescue her from the consequences of her actions.

  10. I got some spare motorcycle batteries! We could hook them up in series…

    How’s your igniter work, Dragon? Spark or chemical?

  11. I’ll talk to Daughter #1, she’s a nurse. I bet if I ask nice she can borrow one of those portable defibrillators.

  12. I don’t know the mechanics exactly. I just open my mouth and stuff comes out lol.

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