School shopping

Well yesterday we took the kids and did our first run on the school clothes shopping ritual. We actually were able to buy all their shoes in one spot this year Yippee! Unfortunately shoes were the only thing we purchased, which means we have more trips to make. Speaking of the shoes, Katira picked out a pair of Green, high-top Converses…YUCK! When she first went to them I looked at Jose and said “let her do it” and he just looked at me with an anguished expression. Although I think the tennies suck, I believe that the kids should be allowed to express themselves…within reason.

 I wish I could just do all of the shopping on-line. Actually this year I did buy all of Katira’s shirts on-line, which was like a dream. She wanted to get her clothes from “hot topics” this year so I went to their web site and had all of her shirts bought in one sitting…I LOVE IT! However I’m afraid to buy pants on-line, because if they don’t fit JUST right, I’d be wasting my money. Last year I purchased a pair of jeans with a pre-made hole in the knee and had to shell out 42.00 for them. Unfortunately she hardly ever wore them because she didn’t like the way they fit…and she had even tried them on at the store. I hate teenagers! Okay maybe I don’t hate them…but they definitely cause me stress.


2 responses to “School shopping

  1. dragonlady474

    Uhhhh…I hate to tell you this but you’ll be going school clothes shopping with us when you’re down here too! lolol
    It’ll be fun though (tax holiday). And you can harrass the kids.

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